• aMAZEing places : North East Scotland
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  • aMAZEing places is all about MAZES and the activities and events contained inside.
    The mazes are reconfigurable and mobile so every time you visit there will be a different challenge to face.
    As well as events and competitions, there will be regular theme changes, so whether you're looking for exercise or education, competition or team building, there's always something new to do at aMAZEing places.
    You can simply try to complete the maze, or take part in the many organised events and competitions, or even take one of the 'escape the maze' challenges. The mazes are decorated with panels which educate, inform and set fun competitions.
    You can turn up to any maze and take part, or book an event or competition in advance online.
    At each maze, there is the chance to take away a memento of your day - clothing, toys, a 'maze passport', or even a DVD of your own maze challenge. These can also be purchased online. Your 'maze passport' is used to collect stickers and stamps for the different themes, locations and events; as well as special discounts for your next aMAZEing encounter!
    Find us at www.aMAZEingplaces.co.uk, or search Facebook to find your nearest maze and the events that are waiting for you.


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