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  • Hello my fellow feline lovers!

    My name is Heather, I love cats, and I want to introduce you to a new concept I have been working on - The Cat in the Window Cat Café. Now that the cat is out the bag (pardon the pun - you may spot a few in this pitch!), we need your help to bring the Cat Café experience to Aberdeen!

    We love all animals, but have a special spot for our super fluffy, cuddly, fuzzballs, that make us all so happy. We want to bring that kitty happiness to everyone in Aberdeen, every single day, and we know just how to do it. The answer - introducing Aberdeen's first ever Cat Café!

    You may not be familiar with the idea of Cat Cafe's but the concept is relatively simple (yet genius!): a cat café features cats in residence, where visitors purchasing entry passes can enjoy the privilege of hanging out with the café cats. Ultimately the attraction is to provide kitty companionship to cat lovers, but additional services on offer within 'The Cat in the Window Cafe' range from speciality locally produced teas, coffees, cakes and a variety of events, as well as kitty related merchandise and books available for purchase. The welfare of the cats is the most important factor for us, and so the café is set up to be a kitty paradise where the cats can be worshiped and pampered by fellow cat lovers. The Cat in the Window Café will be the most pawesome sanctuary for them to play in, fitted out with all the tunnels, boxes, scratching posts, dangling string, climbing apparatus, sunny window seats, and toys you can imagine!

    Not forgetting the customers needs, you will reap the therapeutic rewards that feline companionship in proven to provide, all within a stunning but peaceful setting, with delicious sweet treats and beverages on offer to 'purrfectly' compliment the atmosphere! Working closely with the local ‘Cats Protection’ Charity, one of our key ethos’s is to raise awareness and promote cat adoption for the local cats in need of their forever home. Although the Café cats will not be available for adoption, information on the processes for adoption and the cats available for rehoming will be readily available to our customers.

    Sound right up your alley cat?

    That's the dream of the Cat in the Window Café, but we need your help! Please pledge generously, and before we can blink our little furry eyes, we'll be open and playing with the cutest little family imaginable. While most of the start-up funds are covered with the help of the Princes Trust and the bank, we need to raise a further £5000 with your help.

    We have put together a bunch of perks that are sure to get you as excited about the Café as we are! On top of this, contributing to the launch will make you a part of the Cat Cafe Family, and our fuzzy buddies will snuggle with you that little bit more love (yay). Your contribution will be used to fit out the café as a kitty paradise, providing the cats with floor to ceiling play and climbing apparatus, for our kitties to get up to all kinds of mischief with! If the target is not met by the time the campaign ends, you will be refunded with any money you have contributed.

    Possibly more important than the funds, the real point of this campaign is to test the waters and see if the concept is one that generates interest from the people of Aberdeen. Your support is so vital when determining whether or not this concept is something that the people want, so we would encourage you to support the cause in any way you can. If you cannot contribute by purchasing our pledges, other ways you can help are to share this page with your friends and family, and provide us your opinions/suggestions along the way.

    You will find our campaign at


    Thanks for your support and much love!



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