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  • DanceLive is one of the many events and activities that Citymoves Dance Agency delivers throughout the year, but one where performance and participation are celebrated equally. The Citymoves team alongside the organisations we’re working with have put this festival together – it’s a collaborative effort spread across the whole city and this year our invitation to you is: dig a little deeper.

    If you want to see the heavyweights, there’s work by Company Wayne McGregor and Scottish Ballet. Sitting happily alongside them are a number of events that question the idea of authorship and give you the chance to influence the outcome.

    Scotland is helping to shape a number of
    distinctive choreographic voices and we’re
    delighted to present a flock of the finest. With interactive work for children, cinematic and conversational feasts alongside performances in unusual spaces, come and take shelter under the canopy of DanceLive and see the world a little differently.


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