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    Culture 123: Contemporary Art in Poland

  • When
    15 March 18:00 - 20:00
  • Following the successful opening of the Culture 123 series on performance art, the latest session will turn its attention to contemporary art and cultural issues in Poland. Despite the large and long-established Polish diaspora in Scotland and the wider UK, it is rare to come across insightful or useful information on Polish art, so this promises to be a very interesting talk.

    Our presenters will be Kasia Jackowska, curator at Summerhall in Edinburgh, and Karolina Bachanek, artist and final year student at Gray's School of Art. Both Kasia and Karolina will present their own perspectives on contemporary visual culture and politics in Poland, and suggest ways in which these concerns may (or may not) map onto contemporary culture in Aberdeen.

    Our discussion begins at 1800 in the WorM and will finish around 1930. All welcome.