• Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tournament #1

  • 24 March 18:00 - 22:00
    Hosted by:
  • Looking to put together a team? Join Our discord and find some others!: https://discord.gg/KjYzx4u

    Alternatively send the team an email at team@engagegaming.gg and we'll help assign you teams.

    The prize pot is funded by the tournament entry fees.

    eg. 8 teams will result in an £400 pot

    The pot will be split 60/25/15 between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively.

    **Important Details**

    To Register - The Team Captain must sign up, pay the full tournament fee, and invite their 4 team mates either using their smash.gg accounts or email addresses.

    - Sign In - 03:00pm to 03:45pm
    - First Match - 04:00pm

    - Team Cap: 8 Teams
    - Team Size: 5 Players

    - Venue Fee: £5 per person (Paid individually after being invited)
    - Tournament Fee: £10 per person (£50 per team. Paid by the captain) (All tournament Fees are added to the prize pot and paid out at the end)

    **Tournament Details**

    Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Platform: PC (Steam account with CS:GO required)

    **Tournament Format**

    - Single Elimination
    - Best of 1 (Final best of 3)

    **Prize Structure**

    Prize money is determined by the number of entrants. Eg. 8 Teams will result in a total pot of £400

    1. 60% of the prize pot
    2. 25% of the prize pot
    3. 15% of the prize pot

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