• Introduction to Crystals Course

  • 18 May 10:30 - 14:30
  • Connect with these wonderful Beings who radiate higher vibration healing energies to us all the time. Enhance YOUR journey and create a special relationship with them.
    On the day:

    • Connect with your crystal - Learn how to listen, hear and align with your crystals
    • How to use a Pendulum
    • Chakra work
    • Energy Rebalancing with crystals
    • Crystal Grids
    • Strengthen your Instincts – access and work in harmony with YOUR crystal wisdom.
    • Distance crystal work
    • Learn how to use your crystal wisdom for you and others.
    • Insight into the latest Energy(s) on the planet and how to work with them effectively.
    • Practical exercises, discussions and 3 deep (high) meditations on the day. Easy and Effortless.

    After which you can also join our Crystal Expansion Group monthly meets to chat, support and enocurage each other along x

    Bring any crystals you wish to connect with, or you can select from our Gift Shop

    Friday March 23rd 2018 (10.30 - 2.30 pm)



    Thankyou Nittya for what I can only describe as being an amazing day. I want to Thank you for your openess & for sharing your experiences. It was a lovely group of ladies to share the day with ... today I felt connected with not only myself but my lovely crystals again & when I came home a really good thing also happened which has made me happy. You have a wonderful place & thankyou for being here x 'G'

    Not quite sure how to express just how grateful I am for this course. I honestly can't believe how differently I feel now that I'm connected with my crystals and with such a lovely bunch of ladies. Nitya, you truly have a lovely way of teaching and I can't wait to catch up with everyone at the Crystal Expansion Group! 'S'