• A war on children: 3 years of conflict in Yemen

  • 26 March 00:01 - 23:59
  • March 26th marks three years since the escalation of the devastating conflict in Yemen.

    This horrifying war has left more than two million children malnourished, and thousands have died from preventable illnesses like cholera and diphtheria.

    Hit by the triple threat of hunger, disease and bombing, children are paying the price for continued violence. Yet even as the UK sends aid to Yemen, British-made bombs are fuelling the violence.

    Join us, as campaigners from across the country come together to hand in our petition to the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and urge the Government to do all it can to protect children in Yemen, including suspending arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

    Please sign and share our petition before it closes:


    We are marking three years since the escalation of the war with a Day of Action for Yemen on Monday 26 March.

    Join us.


    Please click ‘going’ to join this event. We will have plenty of digital activity taking place on the event page throughout the day for you to join in with.

    - Watch and share the livestream as we hand in our petition to the Foreign Office.

    - Join us for guest speakers, discussing the situation in Yemen and action that needs to be taken to protect children.

    - Look out for our 'Standing up for Yemen's Children' profile picture, and change yours in solidarity:


    In the run up to the event, please share our petition:

    We need more signatures telling the Government to protect children and suspend the sale of British weapons to Saudi Arabia, guarantee unimpeded humanitarian access to those most in need, hold perpetrators of violations of international law to account, and maintain funding for the relief effort.

    The Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, has the power to protect the millions of children at risk.

    By signing and sharing the petition you are building the pressure on the Government to do the right thing and do all they can for the children of Yemen.