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    Empath Mastery Programme (EMP)

  • When
    11 May 10:30 - 14:30
  • Find YOUR energy and KEEP it. Stay energised.

    Learn about the dynamics of energy, how it keeps evolving and what you can do to keep up with the changes.

    Learn the energy of Language, Relationships, Technology, Growth & change.

    Help to spot and avoid unhealthy relationships and how to create YOUR reality consciously attracting only healthy, flowing relationships.

    Master being empathic to enhance life, make better choices and steer your life any way you want
    Filled with practical exercises, insight & guidance this thorough course covers all elements of knowing your abilities, getting well, and staying well.
    How to joyfully create your life in every.single.moment.

    Your guide, Nitya created Aberdeen Wellbeing Centre, has meditated since 1986, a healing practitioner and learnt how to Master her empath abilities since working directly with people daily.

    It's called a Programme as you'll then be part of an Empath Group offering guidance and sharing knowledge, as well as receiving latest energy insights, Nitya'schannels, discounts on future events and topical workshops.

    £45. Cake and cuppa provided x