• Colin Steele Quintet - Aberdeen Jazz Festival

  • 16 March 22:30 - 17 March 02:30
    Organized by:
  • Trumpeter, Steele writes the contemporary anthems of a sophisticated Scotland. He’s our modern day Sibelius.

    His music is a joyous celebration of Scottish melody and rhythm, liberated and enhanced by the spirit, refinement and technique of jazz. His recordings and concerts are warm, life affirming, and thrilling in their effect. He disarms the most hardened jazz fan with the power and beauty of his music and his playing speaks strongly to audiences of all persuasions. His ear-catching melodies and sumptuous Celtic-tinged rhythms are “beautifully conceived, mellow and melodic” (The Observer).

    After a long lay off, he’s touring for the first time in a decade to promote a new album, “Even In The Darkest Places”, with his acclaimed quintet featuring Konrad Wiszniewski (saxophone), Dave Milligan (piano), Calum Gourlay (bass) and Stu Ritchie (drums).