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    Rosemount Ramble - Walking Tour

    Food and drink
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    30 March 16:00 - 19:00
  • A brand new tour for 2018! Beginning at the cosy indie coffee shop, "The Cult of Coffee" on the corner of Leadside Road and Esslemont Avenue, this walk takes in a mix of old Gilcomston, ancient Denburnside, and the 19th century suburb of Rosemount which was created out of both.

    Mysteries to behold include the Denburn river on FULL VIEW, the site of the Gilcomston Dam, and why the Grammar School didn't actually start where it is now.

    Georgian mansions, Victorian innovation, schools, churches, tradespeople and that undulating landscape that we can't see for the buildings! All will be revealed in this very special ramble around Rosemount.

    Not suitable for disabled or those with restricted mobility.
    Wear sturdy shoes. Dogs welcome if well-behaved.

    Do call into the coffee shop first and have a cuppa and a cake to fortify you before we start! We convene there from 3.30pm, the tour starts at 4pm this time as its Good Friday, and we hope most of you are on holiday and able to join us. The tour will run again in the evenings from the end of April.
    Tickets same price as last year £10 adults/ £8 concessions