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    Junior Golf Coaching Session

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    21 April 13:00 - 16:00
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  • Golf Coaching Session
    PGA Professional Coaching
    Saturday 21st April

    12noon – 1pm
    1pm – 2pm
    2pm - 3pm
    3pm – 4pm

    Saturday 28th April

    12noon – 1pm
    1pm – 2pm
    2pm - 3pm
    3pm – 4pm

    Each one hour session will be £5.00 per child per session. If you have already paid for one of the march sessions that were cancelled due to the snow please indicate this in your reply and we will offer you a session free of charge.

    If you are interested in coming to one or both of these sessions please can you contact us by
    email - pro@newmachargolfclub.co.uk
    to confirm which time you can manage and also please can you confirm your child’s name, age, a contact email address, a contact telephone number and please indicate if your child is a member or non-member. If you are interested in membership this is something we can discuss with you (we are currently considering lowering the membership age which is currently eight years old). Please reply with details below:

    Contact Email Address:
    Contact Telephone number:
    Member or Non-Member:
    Indicate here which class you can manage: