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    Fifa 18 1v1 #1

  • When
    28 March 18:00 - 22:00
    Hosted by:
  • Description:
    Looking to put together a team or meet other players? Join Our discord and find some others!: https://discord.gg/KjYzx4u

    **Important Details**

    All entrants will recieve a free soft drink of their choosing and will be entered into a quarterly draw to win a GT Omega Racing Chair!

    Sign Up: https://smash.gg/tournament/fifa-monthly-1
    Come on into engage and register your team at the bar if you'd rather not register online!

    - Sign In - 05:00pm to 05:45pm
    - First Match - 06:00pm

    **Entry Caps**
    16 Player Limit

    - 1v1: £5 per person

    **Tournament Details**

    - Game: Fifa 18
    - Platform: Playstation 4
    - Time Limit: 6 minute halves
    - Dificulty: World Class
    - Teams: A player may use any team at any stage of the tournament.

    - Controllers: We Recommend that you bring your own controller. Spares will be available but supplies are limited.

    **Tournament Format**


    - Double Elimination
    - Best of 1

    **Prize Structure**


    - 1st Place - 2 Zen Cash (Currently worth £27 each)
    - 2nd Place - 1 Zen Cash
    - 3rd Place - £5 Engage Gaming Voucher