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    Phillip Schofield Appreciation Party / ** Free Entry

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    20 April 23:00 - 21 April 03:00
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  • Phillip Schofield Appreciation Party

    The Gin King invites you for one night only into his Technicolor cave of wonders!

    Schofield is a national treasure and there's only one way to celebrate. 100s of FREE TEES with Phil’s face on, Stickers, Face Masks and Technicolor Décor!

    **Phil is invited but we don’t think we will attend!


    1. Click attending
    2. Write on the wall e.g. John Smith +6
    3. This gives you FREE entry before midnight!

    ENTRY, GROUPS & BIRTHDAYS -----------------------------

    *G-List Free Entry B4 Midnight
    *£5 Standard Entry
    *AAA Cards Valid

    Hey Shawty, is it your birthday..? ...wewannapartylikeitsyourbirthday!
    Hit us UP so we can hook you UP!
    Just drop the page a message, Yo!

    MUSIC & DJ'S ------------------------------------
    Room 1 DJ Dylan Mcphee
    Chart // Dance // RnB // Hip Hop // House

    ROOM 2 DJ Mike Hendo
    Motown // Cheese // Retro // 80s // 90s // Indie // Pop - Punk

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    ** 72 Hour Law Applies

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