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    Will Butterworth Quartet – The Nightingale and the Rose

  • When
    26 April 19:30 - 22:30
  • London based pianist Will Butterworth has written a suite of original music inspired by the Oscar Wilde story 'The Nightingale and the Rose' The suite employs beautiful melodies and rich and dark harmony to retell Wilde's story of love and sacrifice.

    Butterworth's suite spans forms both simple and complex, starkly beautiful melodies and simple rhythms juxtaposed against intricate contours and free-wheeling improvisations...

    Circling piano figures, tumbling cadenzas, and searching alto lines correspond to the nightingale's ever- more desperate search in the service of love..The music plays into the hearts of the audience, just as the nightingale's last song touches the moon, seduces the rose and travels far.. When words finish music begins; said poet Heinrich Heine, and music has the final say and comes to a dramatic crescendo as the final song of the nightingale is performed. This music started life as a solo piano piece for a story book and has developed into a large, dynamic jazz quartet. This performance will feature local actor and musician Kevin Haggart.