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    Havin’ it LARGE - Aberdeen - AUN x RARE

    Live show
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    29 March 22:30 - 30 March 00:30
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  • Havin’ it LARGE - Aberdeen - AUN x RARE - 29.03.18
    It started in Ibiza.
    It continues in Tunnels.

    In the year 2000, one of the quintessential DJ movies was released - Kevin & Perry Go Large. For this event we will be celebrating one of the best movie soundtracks in history.

    We’ll be playing the most euphoric, enlightening and thumping trance we can lay our hands on. Get the body warmers and bucket hats at the ready!

    All U Needs Havin' it LARGE tour comes to RARE and the tunnels this month with C02 cannons, lasers, beachballs and a no apologies mix of thumping 90's dance classics. This event has sold out the massive SWG3 warehouse in Glasgow, is on the way to selling out at Fly Club in Edinburgh and is sure to do the same up here!

    All U Need to do is do it!

    Vodka + Mixer: £2
    Vodka + Energy Drink: £2.50
    Beer: £2
    All VK's : £2
    J-Bomb: £2
    Shots From: £1

    18+ only, ID required upon entry.

    Doors 10.30PM – 2AM