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    Look Back in Anger at Belmont Filmhouse

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    27 April 13:10 - 15:10
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  • The great Richard Burton (actor) is back on our screens in Tony Richardson's 1950s classic Look Back in Anger, screening from a new digital edition.

    Jimmy Porter (Burton at his best), the archetypal 'angry young man' is a university graduate living with his wife Allison (Mary Ure) in squalor, reviling society, the upper classes, the State, the Church and everything else that he sees as governed by hypocrisy.

    Jimmy’s turbulent relationship with middle-class Allison fluctuates between affection and abuse depending on his mood. Allison's best friend, Helena (Claire Bloom), encourages the downtrodden wife to escape her abusive marriage and leave Jimmy. Now left alone, Helena and Jimmy, in spite of their mutual dislike, become lovers.