• Hip Hop Sing-a-long / We Want Prenup! **Free Entry

  • 23 March 23:00 - 24 March 03:00
    Organized by:
  • We gonna bring a massive chunk of sing-a-long fun to Da Club!

    Old Skool party jams to new school bangers. From the east to west coast we are celebrating everything Hip Hop so get ready to get down!

    Ready … Try not to sing-a-long! Name that song answers below!

    1."Go, go, go, shawty, it's your birthday” … 2.“We Want Prenup! We want prenup!” … 3."To the windoooooow, to the wall!" … 4.“You used to call me on my cell phone” … 5.“Checking your reflection and telling your best friend, like 'Girl I think my butt getting big!”… “It was all a dream”


    1. Click attending
    2. Tag you and your mates names on the event wall below
    3. This gives you FREE entry before midnight!

    ENTRY, GROUPS & BIRTHDAYS -----------------------------

    *G-List Free Entry B4 Midnight
    *£5 Standard Entry
    *AAA Cards Valid

    Hey Shawty, is it your birthday..? ...wewannapartylikeitsyourbirthday!
    Hit us UP so we can hook you UP!
    Just drop the page a message, Yo!

    MUSIC & DJ'S ------------------------------------
    Room 1 DJ Dylan Mcphee
    Chart // Dance // RnB // Hip Hop // House

    ROOM 2 DJ Mike Hendo
    Motown // Cheese // Retro // 80s // 90s // Indie // Pop - Punk

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    ** 72 Hour Law Applies

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