• Full Metal Haggis 2018

  • 26 May 12:00 - 27 May 23:00
  • Full Metal Haggis is North East Scotland’s first outdoor festival of rock and metal. Featuring the best of local rock and metal bands from Aberdeen and all over Scotland as well as a host of touring bands from all over the UK and beyond.

    Hosted at the Deeside Activity Park in the Dess valley near Aboyne with beautiful Royal Deeside as a background. The festival is brought to you by Captain Toms studio and Fat Hippy Records who have been at the heart of the local music scene in Aberdeen and Shire for over 20 years.

    Zombie Militia // Ray Brower // Thrashist Regime // The Ruckus // Frontier of Existence // CØBALT // Black Atom // Orynthia // CoverFucker //Lashing Out // Risen Prophecy // Attack Pattern: Delta // Deadloss Superstar // GoodHuman // Global Atrocity // Hellripper // The Height Of Abuse // The Zenith // Ten Tonne Dozer // Black Avia // Killer Clyde // Risactionia // Proteus // Boak // King Witch // Rabid Bitch Of The North // Dirty Trick // 1968 // Halo Tora // Disposable // Rage against the 'Deen. Rage against the machine tribute // Black Talon // Celtic Beast // Electric Mother // Jet Black Heart // The Mandrakes // Memorial Parasite // Drekavac // Purgatory UK // Scimitar // Crow Mantra // This Friday 13

    Plus the winners of the Full Metal Haggis Battle of The Bands shows at Captain Toms in Aberdeen on the 21st April and The Tooth & Claw, Inverness on the 19th April.

    Tickets on sale from Skiddle now!

    Matt Jolly Photography // Whitebox Studio